Two-Piece Ceiling Medallions

Two-Piece Ceiling Medallions -- That was easy.

Our ceiling medallions are manufactured as one solid piece. This may present a little bit of a problem for those doing a remodel and not a new installation. For the photo finish installation, we recommend ordering the medallion whole and removing your lighting fixture. However, we also know the difficulty and apprehension of getting involved with the electrical.

But for the rest of us, we offer the option to order your ceiling medallions cut in half for re-assembly. Your medallion will still ship to you fully primed and ready for your paint and installation. Whenever ordering a two-piece ceiling medallion it will require a little bit more finesse in the finish process, like caulking in the seam to give it a flawless finish, but with a little bit of patience, you can get that one piece look.

Please note that you can cut the ceiling medallions in half yourself using common woodworking tools. But if you lack the tools, why not have us cut it for you?