410 Filler Pattern, w/Moulded Trim 903

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    These decorative metal wall & ceiling tiles are manufactured in the USA by the original tin ceiling company dating back to 1896. The nail up tiles overlap each other for a quick and easy direct apply to wood furring strips or plywood, while the lay in tiles fit into any standard 15/16" grid. Perfect for remodeling or a new construction. These steel tiles are made from original turn of the century, sand casted dies instantly giving any installation instant authenticity. Don't settle for plastic when you can have the real thing!
    SKU MC410
    Material Steel (Unfinished)
    Width 24" (24 in.) or 609.6 mm
    Length 48" (48 in.) or 1219.2 mm
    Key Feature #1 Manufactured in the same historical way since 1896
    Key Feature #2 Heavy duty steel for authentic look and feel
    Key Feature #3 Not flimsy plastic that can easily break, crack, or warp
    Key Feature #4 Authentic mammoth press which gives deep and distinct details
    Key Feature #5 The only original tiles made from original dies.
    Key Feature #6 Can be used as a backsplash too
    Condition New
    Brand Shanker Industries, Inc.