How to Install

How to Install

Tip: Our medallions come standard with a ready-to-install, double UV-protective finish. You can customize your medallions with latex or oil base paints, faux finishes, gold leaf, sponging, feathering or marbleizing techniques to create your own, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. If you decide to paint, stain or faux finish your medallions, it may work best to do this before installation. This can speed up the project by preventing any spills onto the ceiling or surrounding area.
Other Materials and Tools You Need: Safety glasses, screwdriver, polyurethane construction adhesive.
Other Materials and Tools you May Need: Ladder, tape measure, hole saw, caulk or wood filler, sandpaper, pencil, latex or oil-based paint. *You may not need these materials, depending upon the type of medallion you are installing and your desired result.
Important: When installing around or near any electrical fixtures, make sure the power supply is turned off at the fuse fox or circuit breaker. Be sure to follow local electrical and building codes.


If you are installing either a two-piece medallion or one with a center hole pre-cut, you may proceed to step three below.


If you are installing a solid Medallion around a fixture, you need to make a center hole to match the base of the fixture. If possible, use the fixture base itself as a template. Otherwise, carefully measure the base of the fixture. Determine the size hole you will need to cut. Transfer your measurement to the Medallion, drawing a circle around the center point. Use a drill to make a starting hole. Using a hole saw, keyhole saw or jig saw, carefully cut out the opening.


Set your Medallion in place to check its fit. If installing around an electrical box, make sure there is enough clearance for any hardware connecting the box to your fixture. Trim to fit as needed.


Start trim head screws into the Medallion's front side, equally spaced around the outside of the medallion, staying 1"-2" from the edge. No pre-drilling is necessary.Place the screws in a detailed area, if possible. This will help to hide them.


For smooth ceilings and surfaces, apply a 1/4" bead of adhesive to the back of the Medallion about 1/2" from the edge. For textured ceilings and surfaces, apply the adhesive bead about 2" from the edge.


Put your Medallion into place and drive the trim head screws in so that they countersink to a depth of 1/8".


With a damp cloth, remove and blend any excess adhesive that squeezed out. Fill screw holes with caulk or wood filler and smooth or texture them as desired.


After the Medallion has dried in place for 2 hours or more, any minor imperfections may be sanded.You can then also finish the Medallion with any quality latex or oil base paint, etc. (See 'Tip' above).


A removed fixture should be reinstalled once any final finish has dried. Because some Medallions are thicker than others, you may need to use one of the longer threaded tubes in order to achieve the desired result.